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    Cymbal Anatomy



    How does a cymbal’s PROFILE affect sound?

    A higher profile will increase pitch, decrease the amount of overtones and increase definition.  A flatter profile will decrease pitch, increase the amount of overtones and decrease definition.


    How does the cymbal's BELL/CUP affect sound?

    Some crucial tips for drummers regard the bell/cup size. A larger cup will make a cymbal respond faster, and give the cymbal increased volume and overtones, enhancing the crash qualities.  Smaller cups make the sound tighter and more compact.  Some cymbals have flat bells (cups), limiting the cymbal's volume and increasing the cymbal's definition.


    How does the cymbal's SIZE (diameter) affect sound?

    When it comes to cymbal anatomy, the larger the cymbal, the more volume it is able to produce.  However, it takes more time and energy to get a larger cymbal to vibrate, causing them to be slower in response and longer in sustain.


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